"Need that becomes an idea. Idea that becomes an app."

Who Are we?

Hypercube is a young crew with a know-how about design and software development. We hunt for ideas and make apps that can be fun, educative or just helpful.

With mobile technology, computer software has become an extension of ourselves. The growing number of mobile applications allows new possibilities. We can now avoid repetitive and boring tasks like memorizing shopping lists or doing daily chores. Games with great graphics and new intuitive playing tactics are becoming more entertaining then ever before. If we discover new needs, we can build apps to do things that we could have never do on our own.

We dedicate our time, knowledge and effort to deliver multiplatform mobile apps that stand out in quality and uniqueness of design.

Our eyes are always wide open to any opportunities to expand and we are in a constant, open dialogue with our customers. Being a small, devoted and well rounded team of experts, we are always ready to take on a completely new idea and build it from scratch.

Our products are personal dreams brought to life. Discussing our ideas, programming and learning by doing is what brought all of us together.

Our Team

  • Filip Jovanovic

    Java Developer, Cocos2d-X

    Action oriented - Inventive - Enthusiastic

    "Imagine. Inspire. Plan. Implement"

  • Djordje Krutil

    Android Developer, Unity

    Innovative - Adaptable - Imaginative

    "If you fail at something, find another approach and try again"

  • Srecko Janicijevic

    Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Cocos2d-X, Unity

    Ambitious - Reliable - Accurate

    "If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success"

  • Lazar Djordjevic

    iOS Developer, Cocos2D-X

    Persistent - Quick witted - Determined

    "Everything was impossible until someone did it"