Agro Cam


Agro Cam

Are you looking for an app which will help you taking care of your plants? If you’re a farmer, then the Agro cam will definitely make your life easier! With app’s clean design and simple functions it is very easy to use and soon you won’t be able to imagine being a farmer without Agro cam anymore!

Agro cam is an app for reposting of the state of plants to the insurance companies – and it is a life savior, trust us!

For example: If you have a field with vegetable, fruit or cereals, you’ll give your best to keep them in a good shape, right? Well, what if a terrible storm comes and destroy all your crops? Then you’ll definitely need Agro cam!

With Agro cam you will track the state of your plants, and you will sent a weekly reports to your insurance company. And don’t worry – Agro app won’t let you forget to take a photos of your plants! You’ll simply set the reminder for the days and time you want (e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; at 11am, 4 pm) to keep a track of them and you will always have a perfect crop reports!



And if anything goes wrong with your crops – with Agro cam you’ll have the proofs provided to your insurance company, which will take care of everything else.

Agro cam is now available in English, Spanish, Hindi and Punjabi.


  • Take a photographs of your plant
  • Send a report of the state of plants
  • Reminder when to take new photographs
  • Offline mode
  • Contact us! (You can call or send us an email)