Ball Pro


Ball Pro

Up for a challenge? Ball Pro Game is just for you. Be warned though that once you start this, you might end up with a dead phone! Ball Pro Game promises you an epic and never ending round of challenging fun.

This game is designed for people who like to test their mettle and challenge their friends with their achievements. The game is really simple, but that’s why it’s equally hard!



The objective is to keep your ball from going out of the circle. You have a round plate which deflects the moving ball. Each time you hit the ball with the plate, you get a score. The more hits you have, the higher your score. You can move this plate on any point on the circular boundary by tapping on it, but be ready! Each time you hit the plate, the speed of the ball will increase, raising the difficulty level. Every five hits, the game difficulty rises up a notch and to show that, you’ll see that the ball and the plate will both change their color.

With the in-game leaderboard, you can compare your skills with the rest of the world. Try it now and see for yourself.