Chorus RF Laptimer


Chorus RF Laptimer

This is a VTX Radio Frequency Lap Timing solution for drone racers – the evolution of a Solo DIY RF Laptimer project. Several updated Solo Laptimer devices connected together to make up a Chorus Laptimer device which is capable of tracking several drones at once. This is a “lightweight” alternative to IR lap timing systems having the advantage that it does not require any additional equipment on drones except VTX.



  • No additional equipment besides 5.8GHz Video Transmitter required on a drone.
  • Measure lap times with 1ms resolution.
  • Controlling the device via Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Can be tuned to any RF band/channel
  • Monitors several frequencies simultaneously (corresponding to a number of devices)
  • Automatic detection of a number of Solo devices in a Chorus
  • Spoken notifications, including lap results
  • Adjustable LiPo battery monitoring and spoken notifications of low battery