Eyes on Crime


Eyes on Crime

Eyes on Crime allows you to record, report and reduce crime. Login with your email address and either begin recording straight away or close the app and as soon as you see something which needs reporting, open it from standby and it will begin recording automatically.

Eyes on Crime provides you with regularly updated news and information about missing children directly through the application.



Eyes on Crime will keep your community safer, keep you informed with crime news and help locate missing children faster.

Record Crime
Eyes on Crime lets you record crimes in your area. No password is required, just an email address which we can send your video unique reference number to. Once you’ve recorded a crime, contact the police with your unique reference number and tell them to contact Eyes on Crime to get the video.

News and Missing Children
Contact Eyes on Crime if you have some crime related news you would like to include in the application. If you would like to report a missing child or have information about a missing child published through the application, a simple contact form will let you get in touch.