Green News


Green News

If you’re eager to always be informed on time about everything that happens in the world, we present you the Green Newsthe fastest source of breaking news in the world!

The Green News brings you the latest breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. This mobile app delivers you exclusive stories and interviews, in-depth reports and breaking news around the world.

The Green News app has a modern, sophisticated, clean and intuitive design so you can easily enjoy reading top news from around the world.

The Green News app is very simple to use since there are tree main columns and a few subcolumns: Info (subcolumns: News, Entertainment, Free time, Culture and IT), Sport (subcolumns: Football, Euro, Basketball, Tennis, Other sports) and The Latest.



The Green News app offers the following


– Push notifications for breaking news stories
– Share stories to your social networks
– Leave your opinion in a comment section below the stories
– Read what users around the world think of the news
– Access to our full range of video and audio
– Full-screen images
– Video over wifi and mobile network
– No registration required

– Breaking news
– Top stories and latest headlines
– News clips embedded in stories
– Refresh controls to see the latest stories and updates
– Multiple sections