The goal of this project and Polish-Italian start up is to offer new approach to buying and renting real estates. We helped this by implementing a solution that facilitate a reverse process – it provides an opportunity to the users to make proposals of what they would like to buy or rent.

The most challenging part for us was to design a process that would be intuitive and yet to introduce a new concept that is reversed compared to existing solutions in field of real estate business.

User experience is designed to make user’s proposals available on the platform in just few taps. The app is suggesting a street name from user’s location, fetching image from Google’s Street View and appropriate values for other data like area, pricing range and amenities.

When the proposal is ready and uploaded, administrative panel is used to deny or approve the proposal – later makes the proposal visible for users who can freely browse what is in demand in their area of interest.

Once the user who is looking to sell or let his property find a match or interesting offer, he can engage in one on one chat within the platform; users can exchange details about the real estate and agree to proceed to a final step and schedule an appointment.
All of that functionality is available to iOS and desktop users in a form of responsive web application. Native iOS app is on the way.

Ingodingo is targeting major cities, starting with Warsaw, Paris and London. It will be available to everyone across the Europe and we made sure that the system is simple to extend and that Admins can introduce new markets trough custom built administrative panel. It supports multiple languages, currencies and measuring units and adding a Singapore, Cape Town or Rio de Janeiro is just a few clicks away.



We designed and developed this product from scratch. Trough weekly meetings with our client we worked trough sketches and mock-ups to UI/UX that we improved along the way. We managed to parallelize both backend and frontend development and go trough intensive integration testing to make sure the app is market-ready.
Here is a brief list of what we used to build Ingodingo:

  • Frontend is vanilla JS for web responsive and native Java for Android.
  • Ingodingo is targeting a significant number of users so we decided to go with robust and reliable solution for backend – Laravel.
  • Chat service is built with Twillio Chat service.
  • Google Places, Maps and Steet View are used on both web and Android.
  • Login/Sign up are implemented with Facebook, Instagram, G+ and Linkedin.