Jumpy Hero


Jumpy Hero

WARNING: The following app is reported to cause massive amounts of fun. It is considered extermely addictive. Download and start playing at your own risk. No really, Jumpy Hero is all about fun. The game revolves around your hero jumping across tall platforms placed at variable distances.

Try it now and immerse yourself in an experience of awesome entertainment.



Your jumpy hero can be controlled by a simple touch of the screen. The jumpy hero will only jump as much as a charge. And this jump charge can be controlled by touching the screen. Charge it too much and you’ll cross the landing zone and end up dead. Charge it too little and you’ll miss it. This game will turn pretty addictive once you see how challenging yet fun it is to land your hero perfectly.

  • Six distinct landscapes adding a touch of variety to the game’s atmosphere
  • A smooth, bug free system where you won’t ever be frustrated by random bugs and inconsistent performances!
  • Double point system if you land on a perfect flagpole!
  • A leadership board so you can compare your rank and challenge your friends!
  • Hours and hours and hours of nonstop fun!