Limpet Reader


Limpet Reader

DeeRTecH offers a new standard in utility-meter reading services for water, gas and electricity.

DeeRTecH’s Limpet product range gives affordable solutions of ‘Walk-By’ and ‘AMR’ (automatic meter reading).

The Limpet System uses image technology with smart phone communications by forwarding image data to Clients.

Mobile application is optimised for end users. With minimal mobile experience, users will be able to read their water meters using an automated process that connects to limpet reader, gets all data and send back to the server for decoding.

Using custom backend system we made administrators job easy. All date inside the application is easily accessible and updatable. Administrations can create clients and end users, add sites and meters and generate work reports for contractors.



  • Easy to use
  • Mobile phone and tablet support
  • Location proximity alerts
  • BT low energy support
  • PIN code login for easier access
  • Offline mode