Little Maestro


Little Maestro

Little Maestro is a fun and educational music game app. What we wanted here is an app that can reproduce one octave of perfect sound played on different music instruments. Both you and your kids can now easily play your favorite tune or two on a piano, xylophone, guitar, drum, pan flute or a trumpet.

The app allows multi touch so you can play and teach accords. Playful design makes it inviting and easy to use, even for a two year old toddler. All the sounds are recorded on real instruments so it may come in handy at preschool music class.



  • Easy to install
  • Play entire octave
  • Real instruments recorded sounds
  • Six different instruments (piano, xylophone, guitar, drums, pan flute and trumpet)
  • Multi touch for accords playing
  • Recorded melodies your kids can learn to reproduce
  • Optimized for tablets
  • No ads during play mode

Hypercube would like to thank UK Philharmonics Orchestra for providing real instruments recordings.