Mobile Leagues


Mobile Leagues

Mobile Leagues started as most good stories do: with a couple of folks meeting up for a beer and chatting away. Chad and Dan both own clubs that provide coed recreational sports leagues and social events to adults, and recognized there’s a missing component to the industry: a reliable way to communicate with their players about game updates and social events.

Both come from a strong technological background and decided to use their knowledge and experience to create a successful first-of-its-kind platform to allow club owners and managers to communicate directly with their players and teams.

The app is a straightforward, white-labeled app customized for each club/league, so that club owners and managers can tell their players to download their own branded app.



  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Feed
  • Subscribe to a Team
  • Team Schedules
  • Team Standings
  • Team Scores
  • Notifications Posted to Social Media
  • View Sport Rules
  • Upcoming Social Events
  • RSVP for Games