Mortgage Modeler


Mortgage Modeler

Looking to buy a new house or refinance your current mortgage? Wondering what the impact of rate changes or adding additional payments has on your loan balance? Then this app is for you!

The most powerful mortgage analysis app available! Contains a full suite of functions and calculations that will allow you to understand the dynamics of a mortgage and lead to more effective decision making.



Some of the core functionality consists of:

● Easy modeling of fixed and ARM mortgage types.
● Multiple input options to tailor the mortgage to meet any scenario. Varying payment and compounding options, the ability to see the impact of non-mortgage expenses (HOA, taxes, etc), and ARM options such as fixed rate period, rate adjustment and term.
● Multiple ways to input additional payments. Recurring period payments, extra annual payments, or fully customizable payments in a specific period.
● Easy to read graph showing the impact making additional payments has on the payment schedule and loan balances.
● Full-screen amortization schedule with user input extra payment fields.
● Comparison tab that providing an easy way to view the differences between two proposed mortgages. See the impact that certain variables, such as rate or term, have on the monthly payment.


Multiple user-friendly options allowing sharing, saving, exporting:

● A simple design that is easy to follow and understand, with clearly defined sections and outputs
● Easily save and load scenarios
● Export via e-mail fully functional Excel xml versions of each model for further manipulation or sharing.