PredictorBet is a new online prediction platform that allows fans to predict the results of a vast array of sporting events from the World Cup to Wimbledon, from the Ryder Cup to the Rugby Autumn Internationals, from the Grand National to the Golf Masters – with more sports being added every month.

Choose your sport then either predict the season, by placing the teams in order, or predict the scores, by entering the results by game – it’s that simple!

Using iOS and Android apps users can access PredictorBet with a single touch. Automatic logout on app minimize will keep your account safe. Using push notifications users will get live updates about games they are betting on.

Using custom backend system we made administrators job easy. All data inside application are easily accessible and updatable. Administrations can manage users, prize matrices, create leagues, matches and teams.




Think you can predict the Premier League, suss the Six Nations, guess the Golf Masters or figure out Formula 1? We’ll be launching with a host of international sports to appeal to fans from all walks of life including football, rugby, darts, motor racing, ice hockey, NHL, NFL, tennis, cycling and golf, with games based on season long leagues as well as tournaments such as the World Cup and Wimbledon. And if there’s a sport that you’d love to predict, get in touch!


Unlike traditional fixed odds betting, PredictorBet pays out the whole prize pool every game – and those punters with the most accurate predictions take the biggest share of the prize pool, with the top dog taking half of the total pot! The more people play, the more we pay out! There will be tantalising bonuses for spot-on predictions – any player that accurately guess the results of all the games across any 2018/19 Premier League weekend, will scoop a cool £1 million!