Puzzle Maestro


Puzzle Maestro

Does your kid like puzzles? Well, Hypercube has got a treat for you! Puzzle Maestro is a fun, pretty and child-friendly game that your kids are bound to love.

Just like with real world puzzles, the goal is to create an image out of the pieces given on-screen. In order to make the game suitable for children of different ages (2 – 8 years old), there are 6 difficulty levels that affect the gameplay. The difficulty is based upon several factors – the number of pieces, the color of the pieces, the precision of placement and the existence of piece outlines. Lower difficulties have less pieces of same color, less need for precise placement and a visible puzzle outline. Higher difficulties demand a sharper eye, a bit of logic and more precision.



Puzzle Maestro keeps track of the solved puzzles for each difficulty allowing you to monitor your child’s progress for each of the 16 puzzles that are available from the get-go.

  • 16 different puzzles to solve
  • 6 difficulty levels for each puzzle
  • Difficulty changes the pieces color, size, precision of placement and outlines
  • Lively and colorful images, appealing to children
  • Progress tracking for each solved puzzle and difficulty
  • Suitable for children of all ages