Trivial French


Trivial French

Do you like Trivia Games? Trivial French is like a trivia game, except instead of learning useless facts, you’re learning the French language!

Download this App and start learning or improving your French today!



● Learning Mode teaches you French vocabulary broken down by part-of-speech. Start with nouns and verbs and you’ll already be forming complete sentences!

● Audio Trivia Mode helps you work on your listening comprehension.

● Trivia Game Mode is a timed, fast-paced trivia-style game. Compete for a position on the high score chart with players from all over the world!

● Learn with native French pronunciation for all French words and phrases!

TIP: As your French improves, start trying to think of the answer in your head before looking at the answer choices. Then, when the app says the answer out loud for you, repeat it out loud. This helps improve your French pronunciation and also helps you to memorize new words more quickly!